Sunday, February 20, 2011

BAC9996 - toyota hilux minor issues

Minor issue 1: squeky back seat
"Eeeeooooee" sound when people sitting on the backseat. Not yet
higlighted to dealer.

Minor issue 2: front passenger window holder loose. Already informed
the dealer at 3rd servising.

BAC9996 - toyota hilux engine stalled when in 2nd gear

At milage 8200km, the engine had stalled twice! I had to switch off
the engine, wait for several minutes before switch on again. Will make
constructive feedback on this recent issue.

Getting hilux storage box from this shop in limbang

My dad's new perodua

Monthly repayment $190/mth

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Car Video Recorder

BND$135 aje
Inside box: unit, usb cable, car power supply & camera holder
Screen display not so good
You can get one from Bit Computer

video taken at day...

video taken at night...

the good thing about this product - it is easily remove and reinstall to another car. Here I installed the unit to my Hilux