Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BT9996 - Nissan Patrol fuel pump problem

More information of Diesel Fuel Injection system: http://www.exploroz.com/Vehicle/Technical/DFI_Systems.aspx

Losing power when accelerating, black cloud of smoke emitted from exhaust pipe. Smell of diesel from engine. Early diagnose indicated that fuel pump kaput!! Cost for secondhand ~BND2000 & while new one ~BND5,000.
Below showing my kaput! Nissan Patrol 3.0L ZD30 Diesel Fuel Pump
Bring to Abon’s workshop at Gadong indicated in marker below - belakang kadai Gincu


Abon in blue shirt

22/5/2010: Secondhand fuel pump also not working, this means that I need to purchase a new fuel pump. At Abon's place, another Nissan Patrol faced same fate....

$5,000 worth of scrap metal, I will frame this in my room.

Note: If you need to get Nissan ZD30 fuel pump in Brunei go to this place in Bunut Area.