Sunday, July 1, 2012

VACRON CDR-E22 with GPS - FULL 1080P Vehicle Car Dash DVR Video Camera Recorder

I purchased this product at Brunei Consumer Fair 10 [Bridex Dewan 1 from GOMAX Enterprise]. The cost of this product is BND300 inclusive of 8GB SD card (~$20).
Local distributor in Brunei located in Gadong:-
GOMAX Enterprise - contact Mr.Ling HP 8747813
Address: Spg.98, Jln Gadong

This video is taken using Hypercam to show how the file is played in TransportStream.exe - you can see your location and speed. Below showing the out put from TransportStream.exe

  • Real Sample video: link 
  • Use player:TransportStream.exe - link

Unboxing and Installation in my Hilux pickup .

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Badger said...

Where did you run your power cable? I don;t see it hanging down the middle of your dashboard....