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BT9996 - Nissan Patrol GRX 3.0 Turbo diesel (2003) problem Part 1

Location of the workshop somewhere at Lambak, near Tyremart

My car at clinic...there's Ronnie (Filipino mechanic)

History of this model link
ZD30 Y61 Reference Document link link 2
Workshop Manual for Nissan Patrol| link

Model: Nissan Patrol Wagon GRX A/T Turbo Diesel
Engine No: ZD30-096040A (Diesel 4 Cylinder)
Chassis No: JN1TESY61Z0-530688

Major problem:
Read my post at Nissan Patrol community seeking advice

Symptoms: Lost power...followed with really black smoke!! Even after serviced - changed motor oil, changed fuel filter, changed oil filter..
The event timeline:
  • Sept 2007 - Car symptom first appeared - lost power...followed with really black smoke.
  • Oct 2007 - Sent to Boustead (Authorised Agent in Brunei) who serviced the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system.
  • March 2008 - Car problem resurfaced again (lost power...followed with really black smoke), sent to Boustead no problem with EGR. While at Agent, new problem surfaced when accelerating the car a whining sound emitted from the engine. The Agent checked the pulley systems and everything are in order. The final recommendation is to replace the turbo charger which will cost around (BND2600 after discount) BUT before I change the turbo I went out to get a second opinion.
  • April 2008, got second opinion from Richard@RWC who is a turbo charger specialist in Brunei (Aviation background). Richard informed me that the Nissan Patrol engine and turbo charger (mine is the 1st edition Garrett water cool system) for this model is a bad marriage. Now there are already 3rd Edition turbo charger for this model but still not yet compatible. Richard checked the Turbo charger and found out there is no problem with the Turbo charger. My Turbo charger is serviced by Richard and cost me ~$700!! Hurray!!. One problem resolved.
  • Since there is no faulty from the turbo charger, Richard indicated the problem is now with the engine, he recommended Terry Taylor@Europlink for the engine overhaul.
  • May 2008 - Terry started to open the engine and found 2 major problems - Intake manifold contaminated with black oily residual & timing valves are misaligned (from factory) - refer to pictures below

Additional information:
  • Motor oil used 15W-40 Shell Rimulax (recommended by Agent) and servicing at 10,000 km. Recommended by specialist is semi/full synthetic for this engine. Read discussion on forum about motor oil for patrol link
  • The mileage on the car is 244,000 km.
  • Engine never been overhauled.
  • Specialist in Brunei (business card below):

Overview of the engine

Refer to picture below
Terry Taylor@Europlink Brunei showed the intake manifold of the engine is contaminated with black residual while the exhaust manifold is still clean.
Intake manifold: Refer to page 26 of ZD30 Y61 Reference Document where the root cause is EGR system link

Exhaust manifold:

Note: I am not alone in experiencing this problem | read 2 | read 1 | picture

Update 28/5/2007: Comments from Richard Cole
I imagine the exhaust gas recirculation valve EGR is there primarily to reduce exhaust gas temperature EGT so the fragile VNT turbo can survive, instead of what an EGR system was primarily invented for- reduce emissions. The inlet manifold is very carbonized, The agent says sometimes they are blocked! The engine must be removed /overhauled and the EGR must be disabled.
To keep EGT down a cold air intake system and relocation of inter cooler (rally an inter heater if its placed above hot engine, ask any Subaru Imprezza tuner) to proper location- in front of radiator.


To view the Nissan patrol timing gear removal and installation diagram, click here

Refer to picture below
The valve timing (the 3 gears behind the top timing chain are misaligned). This car has never been overhauled before, therefore it can be concluded that NISSAN manufacture has not done it properly from the factory!!!

The bottom timing chain aligned with injection timing

The top gears with A and B marking are not aligned with the bottom gear which have AA and BB marking - Must align bah! (Manufacturer defect?? Must be ah.. no wonder I can not feel the power of my car..)

Top gear marking 'B' not align with Bottom gear marking "BB" - Must align bah!

Update 27/5/2007: The Agent staff came in and managed to align the valve timing after cranked it 40 times (Terry informed me in normal 4 cylinders engine it only need to crank max 8 times, must be complex system for this model)

Update 28/5/2007: Comments from Richard Cole
I had a look at Nissan Patrol engine yesterday with Terry. What a very complex way to drive 2 camshafts on a 4 cylinder engine. Usually the trend for the manufactures is to keep things simple to cut costs and reduce assembly time.
Regarding valve timing- must be reset the racing car/motorcycle way (these don't have timing marks) with 3 dial test indicators. Ducati engines 95-00 are usually out by up to half a tooth and its normal practice to do the above and use adjustable vernier sprockets.


More photos can be viewed at my flickr - comments are welcomed link

How to take care of your Turbo/engine? Free advise from Richard Cole@RWC
Regarding the turbo here is what Richard's learnt from the turbo repair club- Also go and read Page 88 of ZD30 Y61 Reference Document: link
  1. Fit an after market boost gauge so can return to dealer if boost all of a sudden goes abnormally excessive, so they can recalibrate (if they have the equipment/knowledge) before turbo gets over worked/sped.
  2. Service cooling system regularly.
  3. Service positive crankcase breather valve and breather system regularly.
  4. Use a semi synthetic engine oil, for this climate I recommend ROCK OIL GUARDIAN 20W/50.
  5. Change Air cleaner in accordance with vehicle's service book for dusty environment conditions.
  6. Fit an after market "cold air system" and consider relocating inter cooler to front of vehicle with a quality after market unit.
  7. Don't use any fuel additives
Next step for me...
  1. Inform Agent about this problem (Terry Chin@Boustead Service Manager already aware about this - we talked and he will investigate the issue - Thanks Terry.)
  2. Inform Nissan Japan about this problem - Anyone knows Nissan Japan email address. I did asked from staff in Boustead but no information is disclosed. So strict lah...
  3. Terry@Europlink will do the general overhaul for the car.
  4. EGR to block or not - Part 1 (Adjust EGR) | Original article -> download | template | link| link to pdf
    EGR to block or not - Part 2 (Adjust boost) link | link to pdf
  5. Find out if EGR cooler available from Agent | picture
  6. Install intercooler fan - read | installation | picture
  7. Install gauges to monitor engine performance - exhaust gas temperature (EGT) and boost gauges linklink 2.| link3 |
Recommendation from Zahreen's and Zul's for installation of Item 6 - In Brunei,
1) HKS Sen Yong (Alan) - kadai nya sebaris showroom volksagen, next to kadai 50sen ke atas,
2) SHH Pro Shop (Danny)- kadai nya opposite NBT gadong, next to bangunan purple and
3) Jimmy - kadai nya sebaris WYWY KB

Recommendation from Carzine
4) SinHiaphin at Gadong..Location it is just the other side of the road of NBT Gadong.
5) Hayashi at Menglait Gadong Warisan Complex
(Telphone no. +6738728806), Address: Spg 24-8, Block B, Unit 8, Warisan Complex, Jln Gadong,
6) Sen Yeong autoparts (telephone no. +6738621511), Address: No.1, Spg. 659, Jln. Jangsak, Kg. Beribi, BE1118 B.S.B

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