Wednesday, June 11, 2008

BT9996 - Nissan Patrol GRX 3.0 Turbo diesel (2003) problem part 2

Requested via email to Boustead Brunei if the EGR cooler (item 21 on diagram below) is available in stock. No response from Boustead.

This could be the solution for preventing the contamination of the intake manifold (European model has this fitted) - the exhaust gas will be cooled down before entering back to the engine. If this item is not available then the EGR need to be blocked to prevent this problem from happening again.

If you want to see the bigger picture, follow this link.

Still no quotation from Europlink.
Still no response from Boustead regarding EGR cooler.

Received email from Boustead informing me that the above solution is not applicable/non compatibility to my nissan patrol.
With regard to your request I would like to inform you that the solution that you have source from Australia is not applicable to your model. This information of non compatibility was furnished by our principal.
Therefore I recommend bringing your vehicle for a detail Inspection to address your concern.


Received quotation for general overhaul - BND4,800; parts to be ordered from UK.
Weekly visit to Europlink has been carried out for general overhaul.

Engine is out..

Engine block for model ZD30....


cleaned intake manifold..

some of the crap inside the engine.. hardened solid oil

look at the gear the marking shows letter C and AA but in the workshop manual, this gear should be A and AA. Why is there difference between actual gears and workshop manual. Terry said he will leave the piston gear as it is...
[16/August/2008]Engine rebuilt and assembled back in the engine compartment. Encountered problem with starting the engine - Terry informed must be the NATS - Nissan Anti Theft System that preventing the engine to start, more investigation to take place. Informed Terry the NATS information can be found under the "Electrical System" of the workshop manual.
- Agent informed that Nissan Patrol in Brunei does not have NATS. Agent tried to get the car started but also failed. All the specialist informed that the after market car alarm is the source of the problem.....
[11/October/2008]: The car is still there... hmmm. The alarm specialist was called in by Terry@Europlink to have a look but still not resolved. I must have the best after market alarm ($150) to disable the car completely.
[06/March/2009]:Took the car to another workshop Abon in Kiarong - already did several general overhaul for Nissan Patrol of the same model - read about it at the next post.

Cost of the engine rebuilt at Europlink

Found this interesting articles on glow plug replacement... I have never changed my glow plug for 5 years @ milage 244,000 km. So far so good! now I will definitely have to change it now. Below is detail of the glow plug - information extracted from
I will try to take photo of my 5 years old glow plug..

Read article from patrol4x4forum - click here

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