Saturday, October 11, 2008

KK9996 Honda Odyssey problems

I owned a 2005 Honda Odyssey with a low mileage of 55,000 km clocked so far... but encountered problem with the shock absorbers at low mileage... Why?? Not impressed with the quality of Honda Odyssey. This will be my last Honda car...

Problem encountered so far...

  1. When I bought the car 3 years ago, the braking system produced a "grinding/grouting/howling noise" when braking at low speed, but no problem when braking at high speed. Must be Honda technology - composite material used. Hahaha.. Not impressed!
  2. All the shock absorber failed at low mileage.. what a rip off! must be Honda low technology... Hahaha.. Not impressed! Btw difficult to get spare parts in Brunei for a 3 years old model for after market, even Agent here do not carry stock. Not impressed!

brand new sets front and back shock absorber for ~ B$1500.
  1. Where is the spark plug in my honda???
  • Tried to replace the spark plug for honda odyssey... but why it so difficult to take it out, sent to Honda agent.

Here is the bill and the part number for the irdium spark plug (9807B-5617W) -- service at 10,000 km.

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omaralij said...

You must be the unluckiest person on earth. I had a Honda Prelude for donkey years before I sold it without any problems. With my experience with Honda, I recommended my family members to buy Honda cars. Many of them bought Honda cars and they are happy with them. Hondas are more expensive than the others but they are worth the extra cost.