Saturday, June 6, 2009

BT9996 - Second general overhaul

Due to inexperience "approved" LTD workshop in Lambak, I have to bring my car to a small local place (Abon's place) in Kiarong. I have to wait for 2 months for my turn and now the car is back on the road.

Early diagnose by Abon:
He managed to start the car for a few seconds before the engine died. He informed me the engine is not properly built. This is nothing to do with electrical system/alarm.

Location here in google map
note: Abon moved to new location -

Pictures - bad workmanship from previous workshop! you can still see dirt on the engine.

27/06/2009: Abon managed to start the car after overhaul - one kick aje. Look at the stuff that I have to replace for the second time -- more or less the same amount with the first workshop. But this time, I have to replace radiator, glow plugs (not sure why the first workshop not replacing this.. buleh buat polis report nie.), tensioner, water pump, added piston liner (already loose in the first job), etc etc etc... so next time if you want to do overhaul, you know where NOT to go to...

Here is the parts that I have to replace.

Glow plug not changed in the first overhaul. This is how Nissan glow plug looks like at 225,000 km.

This is how Nissan Patrol timing chain looks like at 225,000km - still looks good..

This is how belt tensioner looks like, I replaced the bottom part at 100,000 km when replacing the rubber belts. It cost me around $300, I suggest you replace the whole lot which cost you ~$400.

This is how Nissan Patrol water pump looks at 225,000km.



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